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Data Village provides data management, data tracking and data collaboration solutions for all industries. Our products keep your data safe, secure, organized, interoperable, confidential and compliant. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies, governments, and business users world-wide. To date we have sold over 10,000 database applications and numerous custom solutions. Unlock the value of your data today using our cost-effective innovative solutions!

Our area of expertise is providing simple solutions to complex problems. Unlike competitors that often try and sell you on products that you don't need, we custom build solutions tailored to your specifications, efficiently maximizing the value of your data. We also have experience with ISO standards, and privacy regulations, ensuring data integrity in custom built products.

In the past we have created e-commerce systems, point of sale systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, employee human resource management databases, people tracking software, data collaboration platforms, inventory databases, contact tracing solutions, student tracking portals, federated search repositories, intelligent forecasting systems, invoicing solutions, real-time IoT sensor databases and more.

We have a diverse range of experience, including front-end, back-end and full stack development. Here are some of the platforms, technologies and systems we have worked with:

• Microsoft .NET
• Microsoft C#
• Spring Java
• Objective C#
• Python Flask
• Angular JS
• React
• PostgreSQL
• Microsoft SQL
• MongoDB
• Cosmos DB
• Graph DB
• GeoServer
• Jupyter Notebooks
• Freeswitch
• IBM Mainframes
• Windows Desktop Applications
• Android Apps
• Apple iOS Apps
• XCode
• Linux Server Software
• Microsoft Azure
• Amazon Web Services

Using these tools we have created API gateways between UI layers and backend databases, we have integrated with 3rd party APIs, we've programmed responsive user interfaces, we've handled authentication methods like OAuth, we've migrated legacy systems, we've interfaced with social media platforms like Facebook and we've created reporting tools employing AI/ML models and algorithms.

We also have experience with containerization and orchestration systems like Docker and Kubernetes, most recently we have integrated our software with ChatGPT from OpenAI.

If you require assistance with any of the above technologies, please contact us for a free consult!

Recent Projects:

  • Intelligent Scraping Tool: A data-driven windows desktop application that scrapes the web for automotive sales and consumer data. Information is used for data analytics, inventory sourcing, market forecasting, customer outreach and industry research.

  • Student / Tutor Collaboration Platform: A web-based system built around a RESTful API gateway that facilitates collobration and data sharing between students and academic coaches. Data analyzed to allow administrators to confidentially gain insights into student struggles. Utilizes ChatGPT API from OpenAI. Built with Spring Java and Angular.

  • Mental Health Recommendation System: A web-based system that confidentially matches patients with medical health practitioners using machine learning collaborative filtering algorithms (machine learning is supported by the Microsoft ML.NET library). Backend dashboard where administrators can gain data-driven insights into community mental health needs. Built with C# .NET and REACT. GDPR compliant - user privacy is completely preserved and system recommendations are private.

  • Automated Kiosk Software: A windows desktop application that programs touch screen kiosks for advertising and allows businesses to share services and offers with consumers. Integrates with various 3rd party API's to retrieve real-time data. Collects data for analytics in a C# .NET backend. Reporting component lets users forecast demand for kiosk services in restaurant, travel and hospitality industries.

  • Weather Station IoT Data Collection: A collection of tools that creates a data pipeline from remote Campbell Scientific weather sensors to cloud services running on AWS. Raw CSV data is loaded into a PostgreSQL database, enhanced with meta-data and made accessible using an Open API, supporting data interoperability. The system facilitates collaboration between scientists, and allows scientists to obtain insights into climate trends. Companion apps built in Angluar and Leaflet show data on a geographic map.

  • Carbon Forecasting System: Experimental Python system that attempts to predict carbon output using Pandas Time Series libraries, electricity maps API and real world data from Microsoft Bing Web Search API.

  • FRS Radio Messaging: A system that allows users to send messages to on-site FRS radios on the cloud. Facilitates collaboration and communication between remote users and on-site personal. Built with Microsoft C# .NET. Using ML/AI libraries Data can be used to predict worker load and future staffing shortages.

  • SR&ED Applications: We have successfuly assisted numerous clients with obtaining Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SRED) tax incentives. If you are in Canada and we develop an innovative product for you, there is a good chance some of the cost can be covered through SR&ED.

We can host custom solutions on our website or on cloud services, or you can often install created software on your own servers.

In 2015 Data Village also helped to implement an innovative data propogation patent that attempts to put financial values on data that has been shared on the internet. Data sharing and collaboration can provide numerous financial benefits, depending on the type of data being shared. Our gateway API and companion algorithms attach financial values to data, and increase those values based on sharing activity. For our test application, our API was used to automatically increase coupon values as coupons were shared across social networks.

Do you have a unique data related problem that you need to solve? Get in touch for a free consultation!

About Us

The website began in 1999, offering Microsoft Windows database applications and database application consulting services. Our headquarters are located in Calgary, Aberta, Canada. Our founder, Munish Madan holds Computer Science and Law degrees from the University of Calgary and is skilled in all aspects of software development, software engineering, venture fundraising and system design. With a legal background Munish is also versed with world-wide data regulations including General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and ISO standards, along with intellectual property issues. Munish holds a granted US Data Propogation Patent (US9647911B1) and has given talks througout North America and Europe.

Scroll below to see some of the organizations Data Village and our associated consulting company Peer to Peer Labs have worked with in the past!

Tracker Ten Database Software

In addition to custom solutions described on, we offer a variety of Windows Software applications that are available on the Microsoft Store. One of the best ways to keep your data safe is to not expose it on the internet in the first place. If you just need to track data, sales and revenue in your internal organization, consider using desktop software that installs directly on your computer. We offer software for the following applications:

  • • Auto part tracking
  • • Warehouse inventory
  • • Barcode printing and tracking
  • • Equipment safety inspection
  • • Automotive Fleet Tracking
  • • Lab Equpment Inventory
  • • Medical Equipment Inventory
  • • Greenhouse Plant Inventory
  • • Book Tracking for Libraries and Stores
  • • Invoicing
  • • People tracking software
  • • Student Tracking
  • • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • • Human Resource Management
  • • Point of Sale systems
  • • Hobby tracking database applications
  • • Cattle and livestock tracking

All our products contain integrated reporting tools allowing you to gain valuable insights into your data! They also support data import and export, insuring data interoperability. We can also further customize products for an extra fee.

Unlike most web based software, you only need to pay for desktop applications once. There are no monthly or other fees!.

You an also see them on the web site or in the Data Village Microsoft Store.

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