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Village Stamp is a full featured database system that helps you track your stamp collection. Village Stamp incorporates a powerful search engine, a versatile report writer, easy data entry, context sensitive help, full customization, data graphing, an album view, a spreadsheet view, multiple image support, Internet Search and much more. The software is extremely easy to use.

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  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Suitable for all types of stamps.
  • Multiple File Support
  • Large 5,000 item capacity in each file.
  • Impressive 3-Dimensional graphs showing you how your collection breaks down.
  • Powerful search features that allow you to easily retrieve information your database.
  • Multiple Image Support - store up to 6 picutres for each coin.
  • Track topic, country, type and much more.
  • A Photo Album view where you can view different coins in your collection side be side.
  • A spreadsheet view where you can quickly browse through your collection.
  • An HTML Report Generator so you can post your collection to the web to share with others.
  • A Regular report generator that allows you to print reports directly to your printer.
  • Context sensitive help file.
  • Hyperlink store and internet search with automatic keyword generation.

Purchase Full Version

The full version is $29.95.  To purchase online click the purchase link on the right, or use the Paypal button below.  To purchase by phone please call 1 800 999-2734 (Canada or US) or  (805) 288-1827 (International) and order product #8430.  Your registration code and download instructions will be sent to you within 24 hours.  After you enter your registration code you will be able to enter more then 25 records.

Shipping Information

Software is shipped free of charge electronically through email. Documentation is included in the install package in the form of a detailed windows help file. If you prefer you can order an optional CD backup for an additional $6.95 (including shipping and handling world-wide). To order a CD please click here or send a Paypal payment to You must be a registered user before you can order a CD. You can register above, in the "Purchase Full Version" section.


Version History

The lastest software version is 1.5.  If you have an older version, click here to download an update.


System Requirements

  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, XP, XP Professional or 2000
  • 32 Meg of RAM
  • Pentium 166 or faster
  • 5 Meg of Hard Disk Space

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